Sunday, August 24, 2003

2:56 pm
watching gymnastic worlds i think. today has been nice so far. went driving, then showered, then went to sunday school and we sang and john was back so we had class and then went to church and sat w/ allie, chris, emmy, becca, etc. then went to panera with katie and florence!! it was really fun, since they're both leaving this week it was good to see them and get some pictures. then i went straight to applebee's for martha's "surprise" party, though it wasn't a surprise at all really. hehe. me, rache, maggie, lizzie, nazia, martha, and daniella. it was fun, i had hershey's chocolate cake and water since i had already had my beloved italian combo for lunch. we gave martha presents and talked and stuff.
i have to finish my homework and then go to CHOIR KICKOFF! yea baby. :) then icebreakers. free pizza! good times. love muchly,

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