Sunday, August 03, 2003

2:49 pm
hi! a week from today i will be dreading the morrow... NOOOOOOO! oh well. life must go on and it's all good (or "g" as allie puts it). last night i mainly wrote more of "casey" in a new format (it's good! i like it! ask me!) and watched the britcoms. and today i went driving in the morning w/ dad... it was the first time i had an open mind and enjoyed it a little. i like the jeep better. then we went to starbucks and then sunday school which consisted of laying around in amy's office and talking and then walked to church and had church of course... it rained, how weird is that?! it NEVER rains during church. had communion, etc... then went to lunch with NN, PP, fam, & aunt A! fun. now i'm home and i ate grandpa's chocolate pie (mmmm) and now i'm writing and i should clean my room but i don't wanna. so i'm free til 6:30 when it is YOUTH! yay. that's all. bye now...

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