Sunday, August 10, 2003

2 PM
loverly, LOVERLY day, if it wasn't a school night that would make it even better, and david's been teasing me about it all day, but i can deal. anyways, woke up, showered, went to the parking lot for awhile, hehe, and then to starbucks and sunday school. rob was there!!! and so was david of course. it was great, we walked down to caribou. sat and talked and had fun and then went up to church- very good service. molls and david and i went down to panera and ate lunch and saw johanna, emily, and steven there as well, which was weird. i guess i'll be seeing them tomorrow... ah well. c'est la vie. then the three of us walked around and sat on a bench in front of coldstone and then it started raining so we went for shelter outside at caribou and then becky came over and we talked with her and then she left and then we left. it was great, great fun.
in a little while when mum and father get home, i should go shopping w/ mom once again before the grind. then tonight is youth, game night which shall be muchos fun bien sur. la dee da... i am seriously not nervous much except for the bus thing. it'll work though. dum da dum da dum... dum. peace yall

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