Monday, August 04, 2003

12:57 PM
hi, today is my uncle's birthday. yesterday afternoon i kept writing "casey", and it's coming along well i think. i'm enjoying it. youth was fun, austin came- his hair is short and blonde again!! almost exactly a year after i saw him first with long black hair- how weird is that? though i think he's had it short and stuff for awhile, i haven't seen him since may. megs, matt, daniel, haynes, george s, george cav, sheridan, katie, becca, rebecca, beth, amy, etc. were there too. played cards, talked, ate pizza, threw the frisbee around and hung out in the parking lot. amy played her guitar. i like the babysitter song. hehe. and of course the christians and the pagans. it was sad when austin left though, cause i think that was his last time. i HATE it when college students LEAVE. all my tres bon amis. i was upset about that last night. this morning i got up and made eggs and then cleaned my room and stuff. now i feel like i should type up more of leland's stuff- trying to get it to him for his bday, the 13th. and more "casey". should probably call elleny as well. love yall

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