Saturday, August 02, 2003

1:06 pm
how are yall? wow, i haven't blogged since wednesday. anyway, not much is happening... just going nuts because summer is ending soooo fast. but today i went clothes shopping with mom, which was fun. we went to panera for breakfast of course and then got stuff at the limited and gap. jeans that fit me, yay! hehe. can't wait til church tomorrow, i really miss all my pals. and even though i hate school starting up again (or at least the idea of it), i am looking forward to youth this year and welcoming the new seventh graders and having fall fun... hehe. though i can't imagine a youth without austin, buffy, diane, and alex. it's absolutely absurd and unbelievable. yeeeeesh. i am drinking apple juice. i think i will go try on some of my new clothes. last night we rented "you've got mail"... great movie. i love any modern movie set in london or new york or some big city. oh, and i am thinking more about writing for "casey"... possibly in a new format. hard to explain. today is KATIE'S BIRTHDAY!!!! YAY! i made her a present so hopefully i can give it to her when she gets home. and she sent me a letter yesterday, and so did my twin. whoo hooooo! dum da dum... i just wrote francesca a verrry good e-mail in french, i must say. i am proud of myself for remembering as much as i did. ok i'll go do something else now... peace out amis
-clarice :D

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