Saturday, August 23, 2003

10 pm
today was fuuuuuunnnnn, it was great! woke up and went to kelly and david's HUGE HUGE HUGE house. it's nutso how huge it is. but it's gorgeous. those present- D, K, ben, sam, gracie, allison, ML, johnny, brian, dan, NN, PP, et moi, mase, and dad. mom had to go to workday. anyway, we hung out and ate lunch and i read and relaxed on the wonderful porch and then we went for a boat ride and swam and there was a rope swing and a rock to jump off of, and then we talked on the porch and had burgers and hot dogs and cake and ice cream for dinner and looked at fam. reunion pictures and it was truly lovely. can't wait to get back there for thanksgiving, it'll be nice when it's cold. oh yes and they have an EXCELLENT hammock that i dozed in for about 30 minutes when i got there. ahhhh it was heaven, it was like i had no cares in the world... and then i realized that i do, damn it. :)
tomorrow shall be fun, i have a D Ed proj. to do and everything... plus CHOIR KICKOFF, YOUTH, etc. hopefully i'll be able to get together with katie and flo as well. gotta bring flo her xmas present!! hehe. ok mase realllly wants to get on. love yall!

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