Saturday, July 12, 2003

9:48 PM
laadeeda, fun saturday! hi guys, how are yall? today i woke up around 9:45 am and went to the pool with NN, allison, and brian. later mom, dad, mase, pop pop, and johnny joined us. it was sooo nice to be around a pool again- i haven't been in one in sooo long! the weather was great. we ate lunch there and hung out for awhile. then i came home, showered, practiced my voice for 30 minutes, and then made julia's birthday present for the rest of the afternoon- it's a box thing with pictures of her and us on it from many different things. then i wrote her a note on the inside. i went with her, laura, barbara, paul, and henry to a fondue restaurant tonight- it was soooo cool and different, like nothing i've ever experienced before in the eating world! it was very interesting and yummy. we had cheese fondue with bread and veggies and stuff, then salads, then we cooked our meat in coq au vin and some carribean sauce too, and also more veggies. FINALLY (maybe the best part), we had two kinds of chocolate fondue- "yin yang" (white and dark) and "smores" (it got set on fire and it had marshmallow and chocolate and then we dipped in graham cracker crumbs). yummmmmm!!!!!! had fun on the way home talking and singing and laughing to death about so many things. we have to make the TT show before the summer is over! and i must find those old tapes because they are hysterical to watch. now i am home. last night i went to elleny's and we talked for 2 1/2 hours- i loooove her so much, and i am so grateful that she looks at pictures of people she doesn't even know just for me. then mom and dad picked me up and we went out to eat at an asian noodle place. it was pretty good, but i don't really like that kind of thing. i would have rather gone to melton's but oh well. then we stopped by brusters and came home and they watched "die another day" while i read an EXCELLENT book called "sloppy firsts" by megan mcafferty (or however you spell it)... definitely read it. elleny loaned it to me. tomorrow is church and stuff- i can't wait!!! yay! and in 5 minutes i am going to watch the vicar of dibley, so bye!

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