Thursday, July 10, 2003

8:50 pm
hello guys, how are you? i am verrry sleepy because i have had an extreeemely long day. so first i went to summersaults, which was fun but as usual a bit tiring and then i went to the yaab for hangout day! yay! allie, alex, ralph, katie, sheridan, kelsey, melissa, cole, ralph, their friends, rob, my bro, etc. were present and allie, alex, mase, some other girls and i walked down to the village to panera and then to cvs to get some stuff for amy, who was cleaning out her office. it looks great now! we had fun. and we also skated some upstairs in the gym!!! i looove that, so many memories of that gym- and that stairwell smell! hehe. then i went to nana's to work on the newsletter and we got some of it done, but then it got reallllly dark and started pouring and thundering and lightening like crazy. so we went downstairs and watched dr. phil and behind the scenes of "pirates of the carribean". looks like a good movie, maybe the fam shall go see it this weekend. then pop pop drove me home and i have relaxed and eaten a cheeseburger and had ice cream and watched lots of "seinfeld" and "friends"... they come on so much; i have watched way too much tv today, but ah well, tomorrow is a new day and we are baking blueberry muffins at camp! yummmy. i hate being a picky eater. tomorrow i am also getting together with elleny. yaaawn. maybe i'll go write some of casey, i wrote some last night. i should also practice voice musique. peace out yall- oh yeah- got 2 letters today, one from big sister katie dearest and one from big brother david dearest. love my far away homefries very very much. peace be with them.

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