Wednesday, July 23, 2003

8:27 pm
lord, my computer is so darn slow today! i really wonder why. anyways. last night at the movies was awesomely fun. nathan and i got there first so we got tickets and got dinner and then allie and george (ok, interruption- the computer keeps BEEPING every time i type reallllly fast) showed up. oh, and guess who was there going to the same movie? bekah!!! with andy. i love her and i am going to miss her next year. and rachel was there too. so we saw the movie and it was great a second time of course, and it was awesome seeing it with my friends. went home and ate ice cream, etc. today at camp was a crazy day, mainly because it rained a lot and the kids were v. energetic. i came home and relaxed and read "the other boleyn girl" while it rained outside. how nice. walked dogs with mom, etc... did some writing. need to work on casey since the summer is ending and i don't know how much time i'll have during the year. also made cookies. and watched "friends", "seinfeld", etc. in 30 minutes it's "the 6 wives of henry viii" again on PBS, the 2nd part of the miniseries. we had homemade pizza with goat cheese for dinner, yummmmm. 3 years ago today i met my great pals laura, michael, rebekah, and hal. i miss them. can't believe it's been that long. PEACE OUT DUDES

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