Tuesday, July 08, 2003

5 pm
my busy day is over! or my busiest day, should i say. went to starbucks, and then walked up to summersaults; it was fun, those are great kids that i have. they are very exhausting though. there are 18 OF THEM! 18! ay yi yi. oi, oi, oi. but anyway, after that i went home for about 45 minutes and then took off to voice, where i saw miss jeeeeOseph rabid sheep richelo (hehe, i love my laura) at the end of her lesson and then had mine. it went really well, but i would feel better about it if i practiced a bit more. luckily i'm not going out of town again for awhile. then went to the torture chamber called the orthodonist, but i suppose it wasn't terrible this time. they just tightened the bottom braces and i took some motrin when i got home. stopped at panera before that and got an i.c. mocha... yummmm. now am home and relaxing. i COULD NOT sleep last night whatsoever. i think my body is realllllly tired, but my mind is just thinking too much, and then i start thinking about NOT sleeping and i am concentrating so hard... so i finally went to sleep with mom and the puppies around 2 am. dad is outta town now. tonight i think we are going to rent a movie from blockbuster and i need to help walk the dogs. can't wait til thursday, it's hangout day after camp. yay!!! i love my youthers, esp. the agesame ones and the ones that have gone on before moi. hehe. g'bye for now yall, peace out!

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