Monday, July 07, 2003

4:57 pm
yaaaawn. hi. three and a half year olds can be very exhausting. but i love em anyway. yes, i have my group again!!! score! miss syd, kendall, carlin, olivia, chase, etc. etc... and we have 2 sets of twins!! yeesh! it was fun though, it's a good group, but i came home and slept for 2 whole hours, which is good because i have had trouble sleeping at night lately. need to take up the tradition of chamomile tea once again. talking to allie and emily w. about stuff and harry potter. i am hungry, maybe i shall go get a snack... oh, last night at youth was fun. we had to wait for beth to get there, so me, em, nathan, george, and my little bro played frisbee in the front yard of the yaab. then we drove to lullwater and played frisbee and walked around and hung out and then drove to the pizza place which was crowded but it was fun. drove home and watched "miss congeneality". that is such a great movie! oh yeah, and i had an EXCELLENT conversation with elleny, we talked about harry potter (soooo much to talk about! sirius must rise again! hehe. and i'm talking to emily about it now too. and emmy at church read the bad part- "805"- yesterday so we were lamenting over it.), boston, the beach, and of course, at the end of the discussion, if i have decided completely yet. long story, but i guess i have. anyway, tomorrow after camp i have voice lessons and then an orthodonist appt., so a busy day is ahead. okay i think i shall depart but i'll write more later. love you guys!

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