Thursday, July 17, 2003

4:55 pm
HI! what's up? well today has been a realllly good day so far. camp was fine, we had only 11 kids!! can you believe it?!?! it was great! hehe. then i went to hangout day and guess who was there??! MEGS!!!! she is home (til saturday, then she's going to honduras)!!!! i was soooo happy to see her. molls, me, and her went down to the village and hung out at panera some. then we came back and some of us looked at old youth pictures, it's sooo crazy how time flies. wow. i took 3 pictures from the ones we were looking at, one is of me, david, mollie, and di at the confirmation picnic in 7th grade, one is of emmy, molls, and megs on mollie's shoulders in 7th, and the last is of me writing at mollie's lakehouse in 7th grade. cool!! i can't wait to get paid because i want to spend money on getting frames at target and putting pictures all around my room. and getting them blown up and stuff, esp. ireland ones. yay! that's all. yawn. bye!

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