Monday, July 21, 2003

4:41 pm
bonjour all, lovely day is it not? at least where i am. so yes, this morning mother and i went to yvonne's the wonderful fine foods restaurant, home of the best pancakes in the world. yummmmmmmm. then we set out for daycamp (sorry, i've just been reading about anne boleyn and all them so i'm still in the world of ye olde english;)), which was enjoyable but tiresome. my class has several new kids and so we have about 14 this week, a little more than expected but it's all good. came home and have been relaxing and reading and eating ice cream, watching tv, etc. for awhile. i would love to go out and weed again but it's VERRRY hot outside. i think i strained my back a little... doing who knows what... so i hope it feels better. i think i'm mainly over my cold too. god bless all, but esp. those honduras missioners my friends and also david the mtn. TOPperson. sent letters to him and emmy also. and received one from my twin! yay. peace out dudes

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