Wednesday, July 16, 2003

4:24 pm
what's up? ooh, suggestion for the BEST summer movie: "pirates of the caribbean" ROCKED! it was soooo good. johnny depp was hilarious and orlando bloom was of course soooo hot & fine and really good and keira knightley was good too. it was hardly scary and it was cool when it was, and the musique was gorgeous and it was reallly fun. this is one of the only movies ever that has made me laugh really hard, more than once, in the theater. it was awesome. GO SEE IT! :) hehe.
so today was a normal day; went to camp, then mom and i went to panera for lunch while mase went putt putting and then we went to AM photo and then to pat's for my appt. now we are home and i've been chilling and stuff. later i think we are going to target and then tonight we need to watch "the 6 wives of henry VIII" on PBS. i looove that old english tudor stuff.
tomorrow is hangout day and megs is coming home tonight! YAYAYAY! i've missed my megs. that's all, i love you guys... bye -clairey

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