Monday, July 14, 2003

4:10 pm
aloha, i don't think i wrote yesterday, did i? ok, so here's the lowdown: yesterday i went to starbucks and then sunday school- it was only me, george, candler, and scott (and amy of course) so we all walked down to caribou and i got a chai tea latte. those things (esp. iced) are soooooo yummmy!!! mmmmm. then we went to church and george, amy, and i sat upstairs. our new preacher, susan, preached, and we got out at 11:50!!!!! WOWWWWW!!! crazy. then there was a reception for our new pastors. oreo cream bars from starbucks, excellent!! then dad and i went home and we relaxed and henry came over and i looked at old video tapes and finally found the TT show from last year so me, mase, and henry watched that til the battery ran out on the camera. then i cleaned my room and practiced voice and stuff. oh, and mom bought me picture frames from target! yay! then we went to the YAAB and then we drove to the mountain and we hiked up it- that was tough, but not as bad as blood mountain, hehe. and also it was shorter. gorgeous view from up there, you can see the whole city (covered in smog)! then we hiked down and drove to the picnic/laser place and ate dinner and hung out for about 2 hours while we waited for it to get dark. we talked about "passions" and walked around and watched hackey-sacking and fun stuff. then the show started, and it was great! except they still do stupid confederate stuff. grrrr, i hate that. it started to rain at the very end of the show so we left a little early and drove home and george and i sang "joseph" songs all the way home, which was fun. went home and went to bed because i was so verrrry tired. this morning i went to camp of course and it was a TON easier because there were only 13 kids!!! yay! happiness. then afterwards we went to starbucks and got cold drinks, then to the credit union, and now home, where i worked on putting pictures in my new 10 frames. i have put in: a picture of mollie, a frame with four pictures in it of david, eric, austin, and robert from "joseph"; our class headshot on youth week; a pic of the gazebo at epworth (goodtimes, dudes); a pic of the st. simon's beach on spring break; mase, me, and mary at SMS; me at rising fawn; me and claire at the beach when we were 6 or 7; the pic of LN, molls, addy, and allie from sr. banquet; and a picture of dublin. i want more of them! that's all, we're doing nothing tonight so that's nice. peace out guys, i love ya!

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