Sunday, July 27, 2003

3:24 pm
i have the most awesome extended family in the whole goshdarned entire world.
they are crazy, interesting, hysterical, completely different from one another, and they can all make me laugh.
and i looooooove the sunset inn.
mafia last night was so much fun- me, will, mason, ed, logan, annie, jamie, shannon, whitney, nathan, sean, and ian- the two mafia, the doctor, the "lawyer" (hehe), and the "popo".. oh my gosh, jamie makes me laugh. we stayed up playing for about 2 hours, til 12:30, and lucille had to come down and tell us to be quiet!! whoops. sean TRICKED me!!!!! i completely forgot he could be mafia and we were just talking about who we should vote on next.... grrrr. ;) and now everyone knows that i SUCK at being mafia because i ALWAYS look sooo guilty (as jamie put it, "you have a guilty face... do you ever get stopped in airports?"). hehehehehe. and the townspeople triumphed on the last one- we all voted jamie out and we asked, "are you mafia?" (and by this point we were whispering because we had been told to be quiet) and he whispers "bastards- yes!". it was great. and talking to whitney, nathan, will, shannon, and mase during dinner was fun as well.
and of course the "non-talent show" was excellent. donald's safety pinned socks suggestions, shannon's wonderful dramatic presentation of "annabelle lee", brian's ABCs, johnny's "rev. truth", allison interrupting EVERYONE to try and sing her ABCs, jody cutting ML's bangs, ML and logan playing piano and guitar, grace singing "come follow" and "god bless america", i sang "if i can't love her (changed for claire's own purposes to "if i can't love him")", alice sang from gilbert and sullivan, she also recited a poem of hers and taught us a chant, sean and gill the world travelers reading from their journal, from their adventures (the bungee jumping one of sean's was esp. interesting), sam did his HYSTERICAL elvis dance moves, ben told a joke or two, ian sang WONDERFULLLLLLLLLLLLY from "the phantom of the opera" (my god, everyone agrees he should be on broadway, people on the street stopped to listen to him; plus, he wore a phantom mask and cape and it was great) and then the brothers ian and sean did their awesome, amazing juggling with everything from regular balls to bowling pins to knives to the grand finale of fire stick things. WOW.
just talking on the porch was fantastic, and seeing the babies and everyone i don't see, and mom and i walked around the lake, and i walked to cokesbury and got a really pretty silver ring that says "love" all around it. and there was a great presentation by nana and she had set up this whole family tree upstairs... she is really amazing and inspiring.
oh yes, and on friday night, we went out to eat at this reallllly nice (and expensive) grill that had a jazz singer and everything... sat with ML, allison, brian, johnny, will, alice, etc. and had AWESOME salmon and bread and salad and... ummmm so filling.
this morning we had a closing worship which was nice, combining quaker and methodist, etc. etc. and everything. i really liked alice's chant- "lord, still my mind, bring peace to my heart, that i may hear thee, that i may hear thee". and we sang a round of "father, i adore you."
the last day of summersaults was fun, i took the digital camera and took tons of pics of my adorable kids; then we went to the bank to deposit and get money (we are NOT losing our checks like last year, hehe), and then came home and packed and left. listened to a lot of harry potter 3 (my fave) in the car. i also got a postcard from marty en paris. CE N'EST PAS JUSTE! :)
i spose that's all, but it was a formidable weekend, bien sur, and i adore ma famille.

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