Friday, July 18, 2003

3:08 pm
bonjourno, comment ca va? that's mixing italiano et le francais together in one sentence. ahhh friday, no camp for 2 days! relaxation. the dogs are barking like crazy and i reallllly wish they would stop. ooh, an email from bek about the book! i read "the virgin blue" by tracy chevalier and finished it yesterday; really good. also, i read "sloppy firsts" by megan mcafferty which was funny, thanks to elleny for loaning it out to moi. oh, on wed. night, mom and i watched the first part of the miniseries of "the 6 wives of henry viii" on PBS; it was really cool. love that old english history. last night mase and i discovered the first and the most recent of the TT shows and watched them- they are so funny!! jules and hen and the fam are coming over tomorrow night for pizza so we can watch it then, and maybe start on the 4th (is it 4th?) one. i hope people show up for sunday school on sun. addy should be back from london and hopefully allie from the beach, etc. megs and molls leave tomorrow for honduras and california realllllly early. haha! :) i need to do something constructive... can't wait til i get paid so i can blow some $$ on pictures and frames. next week is the family reunion! ack! :)

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