Sunday, July 20, 2003

2:58 pm (although by george's watch it is probably EXACTLY 3, hehe)
hack HACK HACK. hello there. i am doing better considering my hacking and cold business, but i've been drinking a lot of water and tea and taking all my vitamins and getting rest and stuff so i should be better, and hopefully a relapse won't come again while i'm working with all those little children tomorrow and in the coming week. anyway, last night the frieds came over and it was really fun because we watched both TT shows and jules' self-esteem video which i recall very well from the winter months. turned out very well indeed. laughed a lot and ate pizza and then walked to brusters around 10 to eat ice cream. yummm! & since laura works there we got a discount, heehee. then this morning i woke up and showered and went to sunday school but lester wasn't there (and amy, etc. are in honduras) so we left a note and walked down to the village- moi, allie, candler, and george. we sat in starbucks and i got a tazo chai tea. ooh, and this is the best thing! this morning i was digging around in my dresser for kleenex (since i have the cold and all) and instead i found a starbucks giftcard that had some $$ on it!! so i didn't have to spend any moolah! yea! :) score for clairey. then me, A, and george walked to church and sat upstairs and stuff. it was a good service, we planned another movie date for our crew, hopefully people can come, the other gals are outta town and ben and nathan didn't answer the phone. hrm. anyway. now i think i might weed some stuff outside or take a nap or lay around or... read. or something. so peace out guys! love yall

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