Tuesday, July 29, 2003

2:35 pm
hi guys! wow, last night was weird. i had been asleep for about 30 minutes but then mom came in and told me i was going to go to NN & PP's because dad wasn't feeling well and she had to take him to the ER! daddy never gets sick! :( so i went to their house and nana and i talked about the reunion and stuff for awhile and i finally went to sleep around 1:30 this morning and woke up at 11 AM. dad's okay though, he's here at home for the day. mom and i went to panera after she picked me up this morning and in a little while we have our annual physicals, whoo hoo. can't wait. that's about it, but i can't wait til youth this weekend... i miss my good ole pals. katie's birthday is saturday! ACK! :)
love you guys,

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