Wednesday, July 09, 2003

2:35 pm
hello, how's it going w/ everyone? i am fine, but i have nowhere to go now, so that is nice. i spose i should go upstairs and clean my room but i will after i respond to elleny's email. today was pretty good, the kids are energetic but it's a good work out. guess who came to visit on the playground? alex!! i love her. she is my babysitting role model, as is bethany. jeez, they are sooo great with kids.. i am jealous. hehe. O was very tired so my shoulder aches because i was holding her for awhile. but she's a great kid, they all are. i am sipping cranberry juice. tonight we might get takeouts. my braces hurt a little because of their tightening yesterday. tomorrow after camp is hangout day, which'll be good cause i'll get to see some homefries. i need to get them some copies of pictures that they want. maybe i'll go to nana's tomorrow night too. and friday could be LN, and sat. jules... yikes! busyness! not much else is up.. maybe it'll rain, that would be nice. i am going to email elleny and then play around on our new LAPTOP! heehee. so.. have a great day, bye guys!

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