Wednesday, July 30, 2003

2:24 pm
hello, what's up yall? i'm checking my email and writing responses, etc. i realllllly need to clean my room. and call megs. last night i went over to her house!! to look at honduras pics with her, kirsten, and kady! it was fun. then we hung out in her room for awhile. we need to get diane to watch "newsies", hehe. wrote emmy a letter earlier, and made katie's bday present! ugh, i have broccoli stuck in my teeth... too much information for you, i'm sure, but i hate that. ooh, email from kathleen! ughhhhhh stupid broccoli. grrrrrrrrr. ANYWAY. i MUST clean my room, guys. and i should call megs. and jessie and i need to figure out an ice cream date, hehe. i think dad's feeling better. peace out, i can't think of anything else to say... BYE!

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