Saturday, July 05, 2003

2:23 pm
hi, i'm back as i said yesterday! hope everyone's week or so has been excellent. so first we went to anna maria to visit claire, carol, mark, and david. we hadn't seen them in two years, so it was extra special. they all looked the same, a little older. :) i looooove anna maria esp. because it is so nice and small and flat and there are all those tiny shops and of course mama lo's by the sea: wonderful ice cream and even better cuban sandwiches... mmmm... i am soooo hungry right now. we played a lot of egyptian ratscrew and secret (awesome card games, both of them), went to the gulf, rode our bikes, went to bean's point for sunsets, watched "blast from the past" and "crouching tiger, hidden dragon", went out to eat, ordered pizza, just relaxed... it rained some there, and i had the sofa in the front so it was a gorgeous sight in the mornings and at night. mase, mark, and david went fishing some as well and i worked on "casey". a week ago today, we drove to panama city and my uncle's beachhouse. it is so nice, i love it there. it always smells the same. of course there's that great porch, so even though it rained a ton, it was just nice to sit and relax there. mom and dad both finished "harry potter" #5 and mason and i played TONS of cards, i played solitaire, and then we all played hearts (which i am trying to play on the computer right now but it's not really working very well, hehe). the doggies came with us and they were so good on both trips! we went out to eat and got takeouts a lot, and went and saw "sinbad", which was a really good movie. ooh, it's thundering. we went out in the bay several times with those awesome rafts mase bought last summer, and had a good time. we decided to come home early on thurs. night cause it was raining so hard and we wanted more time at home. so we got back around 2:30 friday morning. yesterday was fun, i sat around reading, and later i went to mollie's house for their party and surprised her cause she didn't know i was home!! yay! that was fun. today i walked fast around sms and i read some and i should really clean my room and eat a snack. can't wait for church tomorrow to see all my homefries who are returning from mtn. top today (most of them at least)! yayay. love you all

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