Sunday, July 06, 2003

2:05 pm
hi, today is such a happy happy happy day!!!! :D i looove sundays. anyways, went to starbucks for breakfast and saw my main (now long-haired) hippie COLE! yay!! he rocks, i love him to death. then went to the summer sunday school- twas "intergenerational" day or something of the sort. sat behind wes, nathan, and george while steve led us in hymns, and allie showed up too. then mary did a dramatization of naomi's story, and then we all split up into groups to talk about the fourth of july and liberty and war and such. it was really fun. then walked to church with allie & george, there was a good group today! molls and chris were acolyting, kady was there and so were alex, amy, anne, emily, liz, etc. etc. oh and robbie! i looooove them so much. yeesh. lester preached, he was really good. i also met our new "cynthia" as patti said, though no one could ever replace cynthia- the new woman seems really nice. Her husband is the UMC composer that's in our hymnal! too cool. went to lunch afterwards w/ nana, pop pop, dad, mom, and mase; molls and the fam were present as well. came home and am now doing this while talking to the belated bday girl florence... tonight, or rather this afternoon, youth is frisbee @ lullwater and dinner at fellini's. yummy! and tomorrow starts another 3 weeks of summersaults! i think i have the same kids as last year! gosh, they were great. sydney, kendall, heidi, gabriel, patrick, carlin, olivia, andrew... could go on and on and on. la dee da dee da, i think i'm off now, so i love you all dearly!

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