Thursday, July 24, 2003

2:03 pm
allo, allo, comment ca va? ONE MORE DAY OF SUMMERSAULTS!!!!! ackkkk! looove my kids. today was a good day. we went to starbucks for breakfast and then the day at camp itself went really fast and the weather is gorgeous, not too hot, but cool and a bit breezy. sort of like april or may or something. now i am home and must pack later because the fam. reunion is tomorrow- can't wait, i adore where we're going. but we have to leave the puppies again... :( sadness. i wish they could understand that we'll be back on sunday!! yumm, cookies. last night mom and i watched the last part of "the 6 wives of henry viii". i have that old pippi longstocking video song stuck in my head, "scrubbing day"; how RANDOMLY CRAZY is that?!! i need to decide if i should give away the pics from last year's camp of syd, chase, patrick, etc. to the parents tomorrow or if I should keep them. hrm. the parents would probably have more use of them and i think i have then negatives.. but they are so cute!! oh yes, i forgot to mention earlier that when we walked into the theatre on tues. night, rebekah was already in there and she whispered (in the dark) "hi claire! hi claire's friends!" hehe. love her to death. dunno if i'll have time to write tomorrow because dad wants us to leave at 2 PM (haha yeah right) to be there in time to go out to dinner. we are done around 1:15ish, plus we need to cash our checks cause it's PAYDAY! heeheehee$$$heeheehee... just kidding. oh yeah, i need to get to walden's to buy my new journal. it's that blue one with the linen cover so i can write on the front. eric should be home soon!! yay, i missed him. i wish i could go to church on sunday, but i will next week. i looove it there. lord, so happy, so happy. the ground is moist from the rain so i might go weed some. except the mosquitos are out with a vengeance, dammit, which makes it hell. oh well. BUG SPRAY! :) love you all very much,

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