Sunday, June 01, 2003

9:27 pm
awesome night. had a great time @ youth- i love my group!! they rock my socks off. haha. or my face, as i remember rebekah saying at camp. OKAY ANYWAY, lotsa people showed up- austin, chris, allie, marty, victor, buffy, di, christina, george, george, beth, etc. etc. it was funnnn! we had a cool worship thing with light and darkness and wrote on people's sheets about why they are light or encouragement in our lives. it was neat. then we went outside and had a game of how many watermelon seeds groups of people could get into cups. then we just hung out and relaxed. verrry nice. on tues. we are having lunch with the UMW and then wednesday we're going hiking. should be fun, plus i need the exercise majorly. my throat hurts!!! hmph. and i'm sipping tea and everything! i hope it's okay, or that it at least gets better soon. i think i will go write soem of casey or something. i've had a bit of inspiration from today what with youth and all. the tolkien bio is tres inspirating (hey, is that a word?), i mean inspiring, although it makes me feel a bit like i should write something more important. however, i am proud of myself for writing this much of what i have and of what it's about because it includes people that i love. peace,

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