Thursday, June 05, 2003

8:18 pm
how are you all? i am great. it's been a fun day. i hung out this morning and revised more of casey and had tortelini and got picures developed and went to the dear YAAB for hang out day, where we went up to the gym and played and then i worked on the robin hood pictures (they are coming along v. nicely, always thanks to george for taking such excellent pics) and then we watched some of harry potter and the chamber of secrets. 16 days til HP#5 comes out!!!!!! we have two copies preordered and last time for #4 our bookstore held a party thing at midnight, and they're doing it again this year, so we're doing that again! yay. and also today i looked through boxes in the garage, found lots of old things that i remember. like a time capsule i made in 1999 and stuff. oh, and found a silly email from molls from about 3 or 4 years ago about her being the duchess of somewhere in england (probably married to wills, hehe) and how all the royal family was and how they all celebrated new years. i need to show it to her if i see her on saturday at all before she leaves. tonight we had stir fry for dinner and mase is now watching austin powers #1 and stuff. he made a cake while i was out in the garage! yay! yummm. oh, and we got "the road to singapore" and "the road to morroco" movies from the library! i looove bob and bing and dottie. we got those like 4 years ago and i hadn't seen them in a loong time. fun. now i'm playing on, hehe. too bad that sammy sosa had a corked bat.. that sucks for his reputation. i have rice and stuff stuck in my braces, isn't that awesome information for you to know? just thought you'd be interested since this IS my life and all. so i think i'm done, talk to you all wonderful peoples later so yeah. love muchos

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