Sunday, June 01, 2003

5:39 pm
hallo... today was very, very fun. well, yesterday i just hung out and relaxed and ate dinner and watched tv and such. anyways. on to today. went to sunday school, and then church, where- surprise! david & his mtn. TOP posse showed up and eric was there too!!! so sat w/ them and molls, allie, george, emmy, etc. realllly fun and excellent service b/c W wasn't there and it was cynthia's last sermon (that is bad but it was good) and the service was a lot shorter. plus communion. but the greatest thing was at the end of the service, everybody applauded cynthia. that made me sooooo happy. she deserves it. i am going to miss her very much. she has two more weeks. then afterwards, talked to david & eric & molls.. reminisced, which was fun and enjoyable... jezebel and clarice, squeaks and tickles. hehe. and dumpsters. ahh, the good ole days. went to lunch w/ the fam & grandparents & aunt and uncle. it's sad to see him in such disrepair, though he is v. old... i admire S so very much. could never put up with that myself, though, as mom said, i suppose that is the strength of their love. i don't know what he would have done had he not remarried to S after MC. yeesh. then came home and watched the second half of LOTR and read more of my J.R.R. Tolkien biography that i got @ books-a-million @ the beach. it's very good and intriguing- still hard for me to imagine that a man who lived in oxford and loved to garden could think up suuuuch a detailed history (or mythology rather, as he called it) and then add to it an amazing epic journey that has touched so many. it's very inspiring to an aspiring writer such as myself. tonight we have MYF and i think mes parentes want help walking the dogs. so okay, peace be w/ you, and also w/ you. amen. :-D
-clairey, clarice, whatever you end up calling moi

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