Friday, June 13, 2003

5:29 pm
hello to you all. how are you out there? it is very rainy outside. that's summer i suppose, or half of it at least. i am surfing around old expage websites. that was so forever ago! gregory peck died yesterday; that is sad. however, he was 87 years old, which is quite something. i think it's cool that he got to be named the best movie hero ever as atticus 2 weeks ago. i'm glad that the voters, or whoever it was at the american film institute, chose him. smart AFI people. so yes, today is friday, even though i don't really care since it's summer and all. but i arose around ten or so and had some green tea and watched mindless teenage drama television(dawson's creek) and then mom, mucy (haha), and i took off to panera where mother & i ate lunch and then we went to tj maxx, michael's, the mall (walden books), and sports authority. i had to get a new bathing suit and some shorts for next week- youth week 03!! yea baby! epworth all the way! then we came back home in the pouring rain and i ate an ice cream cone and we went to the summersaults meeting. alex was there. i think that i have the same awesome group of kids that i had last year!! i looooove them to death. kendall, syd, etc... they're the best! yay! now we are home and later i am going to a musical with teri, john, anna, & ben, should be fun. last night i went back to the yaab for her summersaults meeting and i finished the robin hood picture board! it looks really good if i do say so myself and i'm glad i finished it before we left on youth week and stuff. but i absolutely hate rubber cement. oh well. it does the job... today is michael's birthday, yay! i got him a card but i haven't sent it yet. i will though, i promise. so happy birthday michael, you're awesome. talk2ulata:) i looked at molls' old site and it has something about the ramones on it so now i have "blitzrieg bop" stuck in my head. although i do love that song; it reminds me of youth week 02!! hehe and #15! spring break 82, etc. ah good times, good times. i sincerely hope that we have even better times next week, plus more inside jokes dude! yea! alex said so today and she is really right, the van ride down is the best part. dum da dum dum... i looove writing looong but i should probably stop and go shower or something. i need to stop watching as much tv as i do. talk to you guys later... peace!

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