Sunday, June 15, 2003

5:26 pm
happy father's day! yay! i have the best dad- i adore him. baseball games, lord of the rings, and a ton of other things... he helps make them excellent. and everything else. i gave him a whole framed collage thing of pictures of the two of us (and one includes mason)... the last time we took a picture together was my birthday three years ago; can you believe that? that is a bad record. oh, you know the coolest thing?! we got him a digital camera for his birthday/father's day!!!! it is soooooooo awesome. we have been fooling around with it all day. i took a good picture of the church steeple. last night's choir party was fun, but few. only five youth- me, diane, mason, matt, and brian- and then amy came and steve and of course wes and cheryl (and libby if you are counting canines). we had pizza and westopher put us to work sorting musique out of the folders (no incriminating notes this year, too bad... as diane and i pointed out, the altos don't write notes; we just make a point of talking really loudly to each other! hehe! god i will miss my alto matriarch) and then we listened to the CD- it is EXCELLENT if i do say so myself. i love it. and on "down to the river to pray", you can hear me and then austin and then di and others separately because we're passing by the mikes on the processional. hahehe. wes also gave me a copy of last year's concert, which is great too. i looove the girls' "psalm 67" with kadie d. i had forgotten it, but it is just GORGEOUS. and "he never failed me yet" rocked too, especially with alex and david's solos. today i went to sunday school and church and then we came home and ate a late lunch of steak, red potatoes, bread, and salad. yummmy. and then mom put out some of those cream puff pastries that came in bulk from sam's for our party. in a little bit we are going to the grandparent home to visit. and tomorrow i am OUTTA HERE!!!!! Youth week 03 baby!! i'll miss all of yall but I'll try to tell all about it.... hopefully, if i can remember. i love yall my little angels! peace out!
~CLAIREY!!!!~ :-D

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