Saturday, June 07, 2003

4:56 pm
wow, 4-5-6 pm! okay, a bit bored there. hi guys- what's up? nothing here. this morning i went out to lunch with my dearest molls, who has departed for her wonderful 3-week nerd camp. shall be sad w/out her but i will write her a letter as soon as i get the chance! but we had a great time chatting and i showed her that email she wrote me around 3 years ago about how she was living in london with harry and wills and prince c and camilla etcetera, and how they all spent their rockin new year's eve for 2000, just kidding. it was silly. also loaned her the tamim ansary book for her trip. afterwards, did some errands to best buys, etc. with mum and then came home and lounged about a bit. then mom and i walked a mile at sms- it was nice and humidy today, but cloudy so not too hot. and then we headed through the woods to LRS... and saw the gym, and i had a blast of nostalgia, comme d'habitude. it still smells the same around there. but i'll tell ya, this is kinda off subject, the most distinct smell that will always be there, i'm sure, is at sms on the 300 hall, as soon as you walk in. it's crazy. when elleny and i went there a few weeks ago, it smelled EXACTLY the same. seriously, that really wasn't what i was talking about, but whatever. came home, ate lunch, got the mail... received a letter from david the mtn. TOP dude, very nice of him to write. ate cake, then read the rest of my book "times stops for no mouse" starring hermux tantamoq (i looove that name!) by michael hoeye. if you like mysteries, read it. plus, it's cool to think about with mice having their own town and stuff, you know? so i must depart and shower and such before elleny & fam come and collect me for the evening. must dash (wow, that sounds so old-fashioned), but i love you all!

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