Thursday, June 12, 2003

4:33 pm
hello, how are all of you guys today? i am grrreat. all day yesterday it felt like thursday and now it really is thursday and it still feels like it. yeah, okay, anyway. my tooth hurts. hm. i guess it's probably these blasted braces doing their job. today i ate breakfast and then walked the dogs w/ mom and mase and ate lunch and watched "saved by the bell" (i barely remember that show when it was on, but now i really enjoy it! :D dontchya looove summertime tv? haha.) and then went to youth hang out day. we made hundreds of bags of trailmix and cards for camp wesley for deborah for annual conference next week. yeesh! it was fun. lauren and katie let me have a piece of their everybody's pizza!! yummmy. and then we went outside and jumped on the moon walk that was left there for VBS. moonwalks are always so much fun! after that, we walked over to the yaab and i worked on the robin hood picture board. it's going well, and tonight mom has a summersaults meeting so i am going back to hopefully finish it, since next week we're on youth week and then the next week i'll be away too. we are having publix sandwiches for dinner, yay!!! another big yummy. maybe i should go brush my teeth or something.. hrm. or write more. that's all...nothing too exciting here. peace out yall!

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