Tuesday, June 24, 2003

4:21 pm
oohee, amis problemos. god help us all. ANYWAYS- la dee da, nice summer day. woke up around 9:15ish, barbara was over with breakfast for momma since it's her birthday and so we all sat down and had cinammon rolls and apple fritters from the bakery- yummy! then went with mom to take the recyclables to be recycled (ha! that's a clairey and elleny thing, most definitely! heehee), and then came home and showered. nice and cleeean. went out to lunch with youth- amy, laura r., clairebee, kelsey, me, victor, allie, addy, mase, katie, sheridan, emily, etc. we headed down to panera; it was really good. then we came home for a bit, and mom took me to my voice lesson w/ kate at 2:30. i enjoyed it yet again and i think it went very well. made a few stops on the way back, and am now home responding to email and stuff, trying to put off my packing for the beach. hehe, procrastination doesn't even cease in the summertime dudes! dash it all. tonight we are going out to dinner at the wonderful grill w/ NN & PP and daddy for mommy's bday. YAY! and i have to be packed before then, so i am scurrying off to say i looove you all and i shall miss you dreadfully whilst i am gone until july 5- je tes adores! (i love you!)
-claireybella (wow, strangeness....)

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