Tuesday, June 03, 2003

4:05 pm
how are you all doing my fine wonderful friends? la dee da. love the summertime, yes we do. anyway. today has been nice so far; got up around 10ish, showered and then went to the UMW meeting and there was a teen speaker who had traveled to south africa. her speech was really interesting. then amy, hamp and i walked down to the village to panera for lunch and talked about such things as summer, harry potter 5 (18 days!!! YESSSS!), and youth week. good stuff. then nana brought me home. i ate some ice cream (cookies n cream in a cone just rocks my socks off) and watched "fresh prince" and then mom and i walked the track, a mile or so. now i feel better because i have actually done some exercise today! plus tomorrow youth people are going hiking up blood mtn... ooh! fun. now i think i shall bring the writer inside of me out and continue or revise the story of casey elise frasier and etc. and other stuff. byebye! peace out

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