Saturday, June 21, 2003

3:05 pm
well, maybe there's too much to tell to say everything... but i'm writing it down for myself so maybe i'll just copy that into here later. anyway, yesterday night (or should i say this morning) we went to chapter 11 @ 11:30 to get HP#5... lotsa people were there- kady, eden, foster, bobo, emily a., sheridan, katie, etc. etc. and sarah came with us. got our two copies (or else war would break out at our house) and left... i read about 120 pages til 2 am and then slept til 12 this afternoon. tonight, allie, me, ben, emmy, and addy at least (we left a message for nathan) are going to see "finding nemo"! fun!! i took a nice hot shower and read more "Harry Potter", had cream of chicken soup for lunch, made cookies, and that's about it, considering i've only been up for a little over 3 hours. i should get my laundry going and clean my room and write and stuff too. i have letters to respond to, from mollie, francy, and david. oh yes; i have two new 2nd cousins!! elise and caleb were born on the same day (the 18th) to different parents, but E was born around midnight and C around 11 pm. cool! i just got a picture of C- adorable!! okay, time to do something constructive... like write more about the trip. i loooove my group! peace and go read Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix!

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