Sunday, June 08, 2003

3 pm
'lo all- how goes it? that's definitely a david saying. so yes, last night i went over to elleny's hous for awhile and we ate dinner and then went to a cool dance performance. it was fun. then today i went to sunday school and church; we got out at EXACTLY 12 PM!!! can you believe it!?!??! i certainly can't! but W's sermon was only 20 mins and he cut some other stuff! it was crazy awesome, dude. then the non-family campers (hehe, thanks rain) went to thompson park for a cookout that we never got to have a month ago. or so. it was fun. rob r. is home for three or so days and he and the other Rs were there and a lot of little kids, etc. twas muchos fun. came home and have done some major lying around.. tonight at youth we are having the goodbye party for kathleen. sniff sniff! sooo nothing else is up here except it's beeeeyoooteeful outside. maybe i should head on out there. although i'm talking to my dear florence at the moment. so ciao!!

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