Sunday, June 22, 2003

2:28 pm
I FINISHED HARRY POTTER 5!!!!!!! if you do not want to know details about it, esp. like who dies, please skip the following:

i knew it was going to be S. didn't i put that in the blog earlier? my ideas of who it was going to be changed around as i thought of all the characters, but it didn't come as a surprise at all. it was terrible... i mean, he was so full of life and he was on the run for something he didn't even do, which took a lot out of him i think. it was hard for him to be working for the order of the phoenix but not being able to do anything, even if he gave his house as the headquarters. i think he felt really resentful of the fact that he just had to go out as a black dog all the time, esp. to be with harry; never as a human. maybe it was slowly destroying him... harry and hermione (and dumbledore of course) gave it their alls to help him and buckbeak escape, and they bought him a little time... and harry got to know his godfather. it is just horrible that he had found this wonderful connection to his parents and then it was severed- by S's cousin bellatrix no less. i hope that harry knows that S's spirit will always be with him...and lupin will always be there to tell him stories about him and his father. plus, when S died, right before B hit him with her wand or whatever, he had been laughing... he was happy. or he felt in control. i suppose that could be a good way to die... although i guess he realized his control was over when she hit him. i just wish he had given harry some parting words. he was such a good person and it is obvious that he loved harry very much. stupid kreacher for betraying the whole order, but esp. S!!!! it would have been nicer if the other S had died. dumbledore had a lot to tell harry, understandably; i think he was possibly correct in waiting til he was 15 to explain it all to him. it is very interesting. i love dumbledore for caring so much- too much- about harry. he is so calm but strong in his views. the fact that he cried after he told harry shows so much about him; he truly is the only one voldemort ever feared, with good reason. all i have to say about dolores umbridge is that she is most definitely a bitch. nothing else can be said of this matter. oh, but the ministry of magic pissed me off sooooo badly!!! that they can just completely IGNORE the true fact that UKW (u know who) is back is just ludicrous. media does that all the time. but cornelius fudge--- such a blasted IDIOT!!! he put umbridge @ hogwarts to spy and then to make her high inquisitor (and what a load of crap that was!!! yeesh!) and finally headmistress... and to have her make all these educational decrees... the stupidest thing that i'd ever heard! i think one of my favorite parts about the book was the D.A. it was great to see all those kids coming together, and especially learning all those things, and then learning to believe harry's story about cedric, etc... especially seamus. yay for ron for winning the quidditch cup! i'm assuming that harry will be back on the team next year considering dumbledore's back and so's mcgonagall. she is really someone he can count on. as for cho and harry... uh uh. it took too long to happen, and when it did, it was too late, since she is obviously still in love with the dead cedric... i mean, i can understand that she has to move on and that it's really hard, but H and C aren't meant for each other... now i can't wait to see when hermione and ron's relationship starts changing for the better... hrm. they argue so much, it's hysterical. hermione has definitely changed over the years, making her braver and tougher and more confident about her friendships over intelligence and books, even though she still is (and probably always will be) the smartest one of their year. i think ron rose to the occasion he was presented with- nervous about living up to wood's level as keeper, and also his other brothers (not just fred and george, but of course charlie)... and of course slytherin's song didn't help much. but he came through as i hoped he would, and gained a lot more self-confidence and esteem. good for him. harry was so dang angry in this book!! it was crazy. i know he is a teenager, he's going through a lot of emotional problems as the book progresses, and even as it begins, but i just hope the worst is over and that he calms down next year. as for fred and george, i salute them for leaving umbridge in that swamp and for going to start their joke shop (competition for zonko's? but i guess they're not stationed in hogsmeade, maybe diagon alley), but i am very sorry to see them go from hogwarts. i know they'll still be involved in the stories, but they have great humor. i hope that it helps them in the future. ginny has really grown up, yay for her. and well, voldemort just sucks as usual. i have one question- why do the authority figures who are mean always love malfoy and pansy parkinson and crabbe and goyle? stupidity. who knows. okay i suppose that's it on the subject of HP#5. so back to my life:

okay, done. sorry that took so long everyone. oh well. anyway. last night was a blast, hangin out with all my agesame homefries. addy didn't come, but nathan did. so it was moi, N, allie, emmy, and ben. yay!! all of us that went on youth week. we met at 5:30 and got our tickets at the theatre (that is how it's spelled:D), then ate dinner in the food court; emmy and i got chik-fil-a, allie got subway, ben got pizza, and nathan got mr. wok's. we ate and had a great time talking about the week and stuff. then we went and saw the movie, which was really cute and very good for an animated movie; plus, disney/pixar has always done a fantastic job, esp. on the looks of the movie. the ocean has a beautiful light and all the animals look real. dorie the blue fish was funny ("p. sherman, 42 walloughby way, sydney. wanna here it again? ok! p. sherman, 42 walloughby way, sydney. yay! again? ok...") and marlin was good too. nemo was cute! and of course the first short clip before it was funny. as bob (who is down here w/ mase now) said today @ SS, "the only thing the poor snowman wanted was a girlfriend!" hehe. bobby mcferrin is cool dude. we had a great time at the movie. then earlier today, around 8:30 am, dad and i went driving around the deserted cub foods parking lot. it was interesting.. not horribly scary, but weird. then we came home, got ready for church, and stopped by starbucks. mase and i walked up to the YAAB and there is no summer sunday school curriculum yet, so we just hung out and talked about youth week and stuff- me, mase, amy, bob, sheridan, lauren, allie, emmy, ben, george, and nathan. i think that was all. we also used up my camera film (or most of it) cause i wanna get it developed! problem- i have about $5 and a zillion rolls (from like spring break!!) to get developed. hm. amy read us a letter david wrote us from mtn. TOP. he wrote us (the family) one too. today at church it was cynthia's last sunday, which was sad, and then we had a reception for her afterwards. i came home, finished harry potter, and now this. i must go clean my room, do laundry, write maybe, and go to movie night tonight. clairebee is going to be a counselor! yay! she's cool dude. i have had the 50 cent birthday song stuck in my head a ton today b/c alex and buffy and allie sang it so much this week. ok that's all. phew, this is tres long. peace yall

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