Saturday, June 14, 2003

2:06 pm
hello all. ca va? saturdays are nice. last night was really fun; went with ben, teri, and john to see "the people vs. mona", a verrrry funny southern musical. it was great. i hope my family and i can go see it. afterwards, we got to talk to the actors and i asked them how they kept their voices in such great shape and they said: water and sleep. boy, i really needed to know that for "children of eden"! it was an enjoyable evening. today i slept til about 10 or so (i am getting about 10 hours of sleep a night; midnight to 10. unfortunately, we're probably going to end up getting up early next week... oh wellza. and definitely going to sleep late.) and then ate breakfast and went through old pictures to find ones of me and dad to make a picture collage for him for father's day which is tomorrow. got hit with nostalgia, like, why can't i be 10 years old anymore? but then i tho't, well, i really enjoy life now. and i'm glad i'm getting older. but anyway. then all four of us (actually 6 if you count the doggies) walked the canines and came home and i had a letter from molls!! yay! she is having a good time, all things considered. i sat down right then and there and wrote her a 3 1/2 page letter for 30 minutes! came down, made cream of chicken soup with herbs (gooo campbells), ate, read the paper, and am now down here. later, mum and i must take off for target (TAR-JAY). and even laterer (oh lordie i'm starting to sound like "dumb and dumberer"... nooo!)- just kidding, i meant LATER- is the choir party @ W & C's house. twill be fun hopefully. okay, that's all, and as mona mae katt would say, PEACE, my little angels!
ps- ooh! it's flag day! that reminds me of lake wobegon's living flag in 1936 or something! heeheehee...

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