Monday, June 09, 2003

1:35 pm
allo allo! happy monday avec pas d'ecole. tres bon. donc, (anyways) youth last night was really fun, though sad since we were saying ciao to kathleen who is going up to live in the rainy seattle country; i lived there myself for about a year when i was very very teeny. the theme of the party was rain, hehe. rob and chris showed, i said to rob "don't you feel so old?" he said, "yes! i don't know half of these people!" i pointed out that we were the youngest when he was a senior and now we're in HS and it's just crazy how time flies. but it was fun having him there, he's great; i'm happy that he got to come home for several days unexpectedly, even if they cancelled gliding. i can hardly believe that yesterday was eric and laura's first anniversary!! and a year ago today was goodbye john, helen, rob, and sistah e day! sniff sniff, time DOES fly! we played a really fun water game last night. then i came home and watched the tonys; it was fun to see them, to see the girl from "hairspray" win, and harvey fierstein.. wasn't he in "mrs. doubtfire" as the gay brother? i don't remember. of course, it sparked my theatre side once again, my broadway dream. that would be sooo cool. leigh will get there, no doubt about it. maybe if i take singing lessons this summer, that will help. if the lady would get in touch with us!!! yeesh. today i slept til about 10ish and then ate breakfast and then hung out and read through all of my journals since a year ago. it was interesting. a year ago this week i was at glisson. in a way, i miss it; in a way, i forget that i'm not going. anywaysies. it's good to be home. i realized by reading all those journals that i have such a darn good life! it rocks, even if it's sad and hard sometimes. alltogether, i'm very lucky.. i mean blessed.. hehe, shades of lilia. ok, ya know what? no one knows what i'm blabbering on about, but i don't give a care. la dee da. need to go eat because mummy bought cheesecake at the store and we have cookies n cream ice cream! YUMMMM! peace and life

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