Monday, June 23, 2003

12:54 pm
hi, what's up today yall? last night was movie night at youth... it was fun, except they watched "the ring", so i read and hung out in amy's office w/ clairebee, amy, george, alex, and gabrielle, who were playing phase 10, and sometimes with others who ran into the room shrieking because they got too scared. fairly amusing, esp. when bob came into the office and tried to call allie's cell and tell her that she had 7 days to live. ack, my fingers are screwing up on the keyboard (i just wrote "jeyboard"). kady loaned me "catalyst", by the same woman who wrote "speak", and it was good... depressing though. today i woke up around 10ish, had green tea and wrote lovely paper letters, mom went out to cvs and we are getting pictures back soon (yayayay!), and also running errands to la bibliotheque, etc. since we are taking off on wednesday. tomorrow is a busy day... lunch in the village, voice lessons, and dinner at the grill w/ the family b/c it's mother's birthday. which is all good, plus, i have to pack. yikes, busyness! noo! at least i have my laundry in the wash. and i am getting pictures back!!!! that is very, very good because i want to see them muchos. and i also want to show them to my twin this week- i can't wait to see her!! well, she is not really my twin, but her name is claire and she is 9 hours older than me, so i think that counts. although we were born across the country from each other. so, i must run, but i'll be back and i love you guys all very much!

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