Tuesday, June 10, 2003

1:25 pm
bonjour, j'adore speaking en franglais! it's so much amusant! anyways. did you notice that i ALWAYS end up saying that first thing every temps? straange. last night i hung out and relaxed and watched "legally blonde" and then the final hockey game... i reallly wanted les Ducks to win because of the movies and all (hehe) and i looooove it when the underdog wins (examples that clairey has been joyous about: adrien brody and sarah hughes) and since they brought it to game seven, well, that was just excellent. but then they lost!! sad face. it's so horrible to see the losing team so upset when the winners are so happy! esp. JS Giguere. i am happy he got the MVP thing but please answer me one question: why the hell did the NJ fans have to BOO him!??!?!?!?!?!?! god, the stanley cup wasn't enough??? he was already upset enough- jeez, give me a break!!!! grrr. sportsmanship, people! although, i suppose i could be labeled as a hypocrite here because i'm sure that if the mets or anyone else beat my favorite baseball team in the whole wide world then i would be tres upset. i hope they make it to the world series!!! if they did, i would SOOO go (esp. to the last home game or something). well, in 30 moins (mins) i must head to my first voice lesson, so wish me luck tout le monde and no scratchy throats! je tes adores! :)

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