Wednesday, June 11, 2003

1:04 pm
wow. this is strange. it is a new format for posting your blog. hmmm. i hope it works. well, anyway. i suppose i should get on with it. it's very unhelpful, however, not to have what i wrote yesterday right in front of me like i used to. oh well, guess i'll have to get used to it. last night i watched television and stuff... and ate. not much exciting stuff. today i went jogging right after i woke up (yay!)- twice around the circle in our neighborhood. ran into jehovah's witnesses (not literally of course); they are very polite. came home drenched in sweat and very exhausted, went up and showered, came down and had gatorade and watched some "avengers" avec mon frere and then ate a grilled cheese sandwich and cookies. now i am relaxing, happy that i got exercising done early today! later we are going to pick up christopher and stop by the yaab to get youth wk. forms from amy. i hope she is feeling better. oh, and about my voice lesson w/ kate yesterday- it was really enjoyable; i'm glad mes parents et grandparents talked moi into it. she is really nice (as i knew already from margareta's ravings) and helped me with breathing and jaw structure and such. interesting how so many body parts are connected into helping you sing better. it was only 30 minutes which is enough and not too much. then stopped by NN's afterwards to report to her. that's about it... it is really hot out today, i guess summer is really upon us. joy, elation, goodie! okay i guess i'll see how this new type of blogging thingie came out... peace yall!

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