Wednesday, May 14, 2003

9:46 pm
7 days, 7 days, i can do it (if i can just get through finals... dun dun DUNNNN)! today i went to first period because i tho't we were walking to the park to write poetry, but noooo, it had to be cloudy. but then i got checked out because #1- my mouth hurt (day 2 out of 549 days of torture) #2- i didn't want to go to PE because i didn't want to dress out and all that jazz #3- i didn't want to go to chorus because i already know the music and all THAT jazz #4- i didn't want to go to math because i hadn't finished my make up work and stuff and also dr. g wasn't there again so i didn't feel there was any need to go. so it's back to school tomorrow, but thank god it's not for long. though i'm going to miss these seniors a whole lot. went to nana & pop pop's, hung out and watched tv and went to panera w/ PP and ate soup and hot chocolate (there are some burns on my tongue now, lemme tell ya), did some math (gasp!), went home, watched more tv, relaaaxed, walked dogs for a little while and then it started to sprinkle so came back home... did other random things, went to the swim team banquet @ jeff's house, which was reallllly fun. i got rookie of the year for the girls!!!!! :) grin, that makes me happy. and also i got a letter- so now i need a letter jacket! then i talked w/ mike and annetta and maria about future plans and schedules and stuff. DB is leaving- i reallllllly don't like that AT ALL because even though others don't like him, i think he's an awesome principal and i'm sad to see him go. why couldn't he retire in like a few more years? yeesh. but it was fun tonight. jessie and me and the others were trying to figure out who's going to die on the last episode of "dawson's creek" tonight. i want to know!!! i bet it's either jen or pacey. i hope it's not pacey though, joshua jackson is hot. gotta go you guys, peace out... later

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