Sunday, May 18, 2003

9:10 pm
sigh... memories, good times, seniors graduating... times that won't happen again, dammit. sentimental mood has struck moi once again- not the first time, bien sur. WHY DO PEOPLE I LOVE HAVE TO LEAVE?!?!?!? it happens so much. and it's gonna happen more and more and more and more and more.... times infinity. it hurts me. i miss them and they move on with their lives. i just despise change and i want things to stay the way they are. it would have been nice if things could stay the way they were two years ago... not school-wise really, but i guess people wise, especially @ church. that was still my best year as far as people were concerned. god it was such a long time ago. it was nearly 2 years ago that we were up @ molls' lakehouse and david and bo and others played spades so much and laura and i "shared the wealth" and austin lost his glasses biscuiting and EVERYTHING. i miss that!!!!!!!! that's my heaven. okay. i suppose my rant is done. maybe. but i do have tea brewing and time flies (duh) and i have to tell about today. so- went to starbucks for breakfast, sunday school (love epistle stuff), and church. sat avec david, allie, emmy, george, daniel... i think that was all. talked to david and molls and chris before and after service, twas fun. they are my loved ones, i adore them all dearly. then went home and ate a grilled cheese sandwich, watermelon, and pie. yummness. hung out and watched "friends" videos and chilled... finished "the old man and the sea" and did some math. then went to the coffee house!! it was tres excellent, though D is right, more structure could be needed. i'll work w/ chris on that. but anyways, i sang my song accapella, and it went VERRRRY well. it was fun. and buffy and alex did a great guitar duet, chris did his devil sticks, austin sang, david sang, etc. i recited my "playground" poem, etc. etc. AND WE DID THE BOOGALOO!!! :-D i have been wanting to do it forever! so that was nice. and the hokey-pokey. and andy and some others did drums and marty danced!! hehe. :) then some karaoke to top the night off. good, good times. now i am home and need to relax... five days of school. sad and good at the same time. peace out yall. i love you very, very much. and safe journey to brother david to TN on saturday- he'll make those kids' lives a hell of a lot better, i know it.

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