Thursday, May 01, 2003

9:10 pm
ahhh, tomorrow is friday! thank goodness! and tonight i had zero homework! yayayay! but let us start with last night, which is where i left off, i suppose. went to supper, ate with mase and david and alex and stuff. then went to choir dress rehearsal which was very tiring and i haven't blown my voice out yet and hopefully won't even get to that point, but you never know. accckk, there's a bug on the desk! anyway. then today was an awesome day. the whole family went to breakfast club. we actually had a bigger crowd! three groups of siblings- david & shannon, me and mase, and daniel and reid. plus austin and megs. so it was a very good group. and crowded in that booth, but tons of fun. had pancakes and enjoyed company of my wonderful friends. then went to school, which was okay actually, talked about poetry more in english, bien sur, did nothing in health because cammack wasn't there so we went to the gym and i read, ate lunch of course and had a good time (except lizzie's mad at me for some strange reason.. grr anyway), then in chorus we watched "the outsiders"! like the book! it is cool so far, made in the 80s or something with matt dillon and tom cruise and emilio estevez and these famous guys now. then in math dr. g wasn't there again so we did work and i had no homework in that class! heeheehhee. didn't have to go to the horrid orthodonist this afternoon, so came home and watched "oprah" and hung out. wrote some. blah blah blah. ate, sarah came over, watched "friends", right now bush is talking on the uss abe lincoln (well, abraham, but you know what i mean). chandler and monica can't have a baby!!!!! what the heck?!?!?! ahhh! anyway..... haha. tomorrow is the concert. oh yes, and happy may day! and happy bday to sistah e tomorrow- gosh, 17, that scares me to death! :) need to send her a card. oh yes, and during dinner tonight it rained and hailed reallllllly hard again, but it was still a bit sunny outside! very cool and gorgeous. peace all, love you!

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