Thursday, May 08, 2003

9:05 pm
hi guys, happy thursday. very good day, lots better than yesterday and stuff. went to breakfast club bien sur, avec david & shannon & austin & megs & daniel & reid & amy. good times. was able to eat the amazingly wonderful hotcakes and scrambled eggs, thank goodness. still a bit hard to chew though. then went to school, recited my poem in english ("anyone lived in a pretty how town, with up so floating many bells down...") and then watched a movie in health (so coach's hard work schedule lasted what... oh, just a day. but then again, she had to take our health books up... darn it... not- YESSS!! but PE starts up again tomorrow, more dressing out.. ah well, soffe and i can continue our epic of tulip, frodo two, et. al.- learned that in english. okaaaay, anywaysss), and then signed yearbooks and ate lots of soft stuff for lunch (yogurt, pudding, potato salad, egg, watermelon..), glanced at the book fair (reminder- get $$ from the parentes or the parental units as david has called them before), then in chorus of course we sang. i HATEHATEHATE "shine on me" because of the stupid, stupid soprano part that i cannot sing, esp. when shardae is not there. oh well. busy week next week- it has to be, with only 11 days of school left- SCREAM! :) heha. then in math we reviewed surface area and stuff and we have a quiz tomorrow and i studied and i think i know it (*cross fingers*), etc. came home, hung out, took doggies to the vet for a nasal spray against "kennel cough", etc. and more etc. sarah came over and i watched some of "a beautiful mind" and then bro and sarah watched "friends". ate panera soup pour le diner. tomorrow is the kappa induction (who's my big sister?... hmmmm) AND bite nite!!!!! heeheehee oohh i can't wait and i hope i can stay up!! then major clean up on saturday. david- "i might be a judge" amy- "that doesn't help me" david- "okay, i'll TRY to be a judge" amy- "that sort of helps me" david- "i'll BE a judge" amy- "okay!"

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