Sunday, May 18, 2003

8:58 am
yes, we're home early. guess why. just guess. remember fall camping?.... well, same thing happened! except for not light rain for the whole day, just heavy, HEAVY rain and thunderstorms for about 4 straight hours. so yes, many people (us included) went home. which i suppose was nice. i wouldn't have liked to sleep in a wet, sopping sleeping bag and such, ya know? but at least the morning and early afternoon hours were gorgeously sunny and hot. so we got to go swimming. hung out with chris and the other families. it was very much fun. but i'm glad to be home for church actually because i can see everyone and actually sit up in the balcony which i haven't been able to for about the past month since the first time, it was confirmation sunday, then it was singing in church w/ the choir, then it was mother's day... so now i can! hopefully mes amis shall be there. my teeth still hurt a little, but i've been able to (sorely) chew soft stuff. i think i'm gonna go to starbucks and get me a croissant and a chocolat chaud. wow, 5 more days of school. i'll have to go crazy in the yearbook department. as in, getting people to sign it. tonight is the coffee house!! i just have to figure out what octave i'm singing "if i can't love her (changed to 'him' for claire's purposes)" in since i have to do it accapella. or however you spell it. i hope the doggies are back when i'm home from church. oh yesss, and i have homework... just wonderful. finish "the old man and the sea" (not so horrible) and the packet of work that was due wednesday but since i wasn't here i said i'd turn it into dr. gramling friday but because of the god-awful long chorus concert i had to change that to tomorrow. okay. need to go do something else. preferably get ready for sunday school et church. have a fantabulous day my friends- and katie is on her way home!!! or should be soon, if she isn't already. yayza! :)

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