Wednesday, May 28, 2003

8:35 pm
location- grandmama's house @ the beach!!
hi everybody- what's up? ya miss me? (a little self-centered there but oh well) how's good ole home? i miss it! and i miss my puppies and my daddy. sniff sniff. but it's been fun seeing the cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandmother. it's hot down here- we've been swimming in the ocean both days and today pam, mayray, and abs were over for the majority of the day. M & i relaxed on the beach and i also got in the water, it was cool but felt great once you got in there. my throat is sore. i realllllly hope it gets better! and mom is losing her voice! oh no!!! tonight we all went to carrabbas, an EXCELLLENT italian restaurant!! i got yummy chicken and potatoes and then mom, mase, and i split a "chocolate dream" (whipped cream, chocolate sauce, brownie, and vanilla ice cream all rolled into one!) for dessert. now we're lying around- oh, we went for a bike ride too, after dinner-, trying to reach dad and maybe watching a movie. peace out, hope the week is going well for yall- SUMMMERTIME!!! heeheehee.... love you all

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