Wednesday, May 07, 2003

7:10 pm
well if i thought my spacers hurt last night, at least i could EAT then!!!! they hurt soooo badly and i can't chew! i have to eat soft stuff and it sucks. on a lighter note, happy birthday to laura, and we got yearbooks today. they are fairly good, lots of name misspellings, but the signatures matter most. annoying day in a way though, because i realized i couldn't chew when i was about to eat breakfast, so i had scrambled eggs and nearly got to school late. then mom brought me panera and smoothie king for lunch, but i wasn't able to get it til after A lunch so i had to scarf it down at the end of chorus. but it was yummy. it's tornadoish weather again today which is tres bothersome. tomorrow is thursday, and friday is bite nite, which should be fun, especially if my spacers don't hurt too much. then saturday is the open house. i am laaazy today, especially because my teeth hurt. ouchouchouch. i hate complaining but i have to. la dee da dee da. rain, rain, rain and thunder, thunder, thunder and lightning, lightning, lightning. sleeeep... summmerrrrr.... dreams. peace out you guys, please please please hope that my teeth are going to feel better soon. i'd really appreciate it. thanks muchos much

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