Monday, May 12, 2003

6:40 pm
'lo all, happy monday (NOT). well, it wasn't that bad. yesterday night we all went to the grandparent home and had a verrry good time eating yummy stuff and talking and laughing and of course (what my family- or most of them- does best) watched sports on tv. crazy cousins got ahold of a little too much sugar (grace ate all the icing off the cake!! or most of it. 4 year olds... sheesh!) and yelled and screamed and ran around, but it's all good... they're mellowing with age. i got in the spa with them, and it was interesting, but i hadn't been in there for so long and it reminds me of my childhood days (sigh...). ah, simplicity. but anyway, had a wonderful time. i adore my family, even with all the quirks. otherwise it wouldn't be fun! and i looooove that house. so then today i went to school and had a regular monday... not too bad, especially since i missed math to go to the awards ceremony- got two awards, one for french and one for science, which is my first science award ever i think and it's hands down to ms. lee, an excellent teacher. then had a chorus rehearsal til 5:30ish after school, and that went fairly well, so i am now home and relaxing.. tomorrow i am missing school because i am getting braces (sniff sniff... noooo. well i suppose it's worth it in the long run, right?) so i am going to watch movies and relax and hang out all day. that's my story, what's yours? peace out all, hang in there- 9 more days of school!!! ack!

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