Tuesday, May 06, 2003

6:24 pm
what a day, what a day! went early to get help from dr. g... je n'aime pas the areas and perimeters of stuff. urgh. but there was ANOTHER tornado watch/warning this afternoon and get this- we actually had to stay after school for about thirty minutes before they would let us go! it was pouring rain like crazy and we just hung out and watched people play chess (by "we" i am referring to megs and laura and me). then they dismissed walkers and car riders (just like in elem. school! hehe) and so i ran through the soaking, thorough rain and jumped into ronnie's car completely soaked. then came home, but went straight to the horrid orthodonist's after changing. they put in "spacers" or separators since i get the braces on next week (NOOOOOO! someone save me from this horrible torture!!!! but i guess i'd rather have it done now than when i'm an adult. anyways...) and they feel weird, like i have pieces of meat or something stuck between my teeth. i hate them. i'm afraid they are going to pop out or something. groangroangroangroan neverending groans, i hate them and despise them!!!!!! aaaaaooooouuucccchhhhh! the pain. crap. it feels really, really weird when i eat. and everyone knows that i loooove to eat! so now i'm hanging out because the up side of staying after school was being able to get all my homework done. i do need to practice my memorized poem though. we are probably getting yearbooks tomorrow!!!! yeeeaaaa!!! srs. get them tonight @ class night. can't wait, can't wait! peace out guys (please sympathize avec moi about the stupid and horrible and detestable spacers that i now have in my poor, sensitive mouth. thank you.)

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